Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Wow, they plunge you into it quickly but I guess this kit isn't really meant as a beginner kit. The staircases were quite complex to build. There were risers and treads, banisters, and railings. Lots of intricate sanding.

Risers in place

Risers in place
Oops, I got one riser backwards. It didn't matter though because they all look the same now that they're stained. 
Treads installed
 It was during the assembly of the first staircase that I discovered that emery boards are the best thing ever! They make sanding so much easier on 1:12 scale dollhouse things!

Both Staircases Assembled

At this point I decided I better start staining pieces. I chose a Traditional Cherry stain to match our old farmhouse. 

Both Staircases and Railing
Well that's them done. I'm quite pleased with the outcome even though there were a few minor pitfalls. I'm just learning all this dollhouse assembly stuff as I go along. I've joined a couple of groups in Facebook so I can learn from others too.

Thought I'd stain the first floor while I was at it. Most of these floors will be covered with various types of flooring but at least the wood is protected until that happens.

Next step in the assembly is window frames. Many, many window frames. Also, I have been making miniature accessories, so I will blog about those bits soon.

Bye for now,
From Little House on the Pinnacle.

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